Business Restructuring

We help our clients restructure their business. When a company is having trouble dealing with its debts, it restructures its operations or reduces costs, such as the payroll, or reduces its size through the sale of assets. After a debt restructuring process, the debts settlement is more manageable. 

Company Liquidation

We help our clients whenever a business is terminated or bankrupt, in order to manage this operation from the legal, taxes and regulatory aspects.. 

Feasibility Study

We help our clients prepare their future plans, studies, and feasibility studies of projects for the purpose of assessing the economic viability of the proposed business. If the results of the feasibility study are positive, then a Business Plan can be developed.

Financial Management Consultancy

The purpose of financial management is to help all companies structure their expenditures with proper financial control. Therefore, we assist the companies in meeting this challenge through our comprehensive service, focusing on our clients’ key opportunities and challenges including core business operations.