Accounting Services

As a business owner, you have more important things to do than keep your own records. As a leading Chartered Public Accounting Company in Lebanon, we offer you access to qualified and professional accountants without hiring them. Here at HADDAD PORTER HETU INTERNATIONAL, we take care of your accounting records, so you can have sufficient time to run your business and generate profits.

We offer a full range of computerized accounting services, book-keeping services for companies that require a proper and complete set of financial statements;

  • Bookkeeping;
  • Maintenance of accounting records;
  • Compiling accounts and entering them into the system;
  • Bank reconciliation;
  • Preparing Bank Reconciliation Statements;
  • Submitting monthly MIS forecasts report and actual figures with thorough explanation.


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Financial Accounting & Reporting

  • Preparing financial statements for auditing purposes;
  • Accounting Software selection and implementation;
  • Customized management report for your specific needs;
  • Preparation of budgets;
  • Liaising with the company’s auditors.